Saturday, 17 October 2015

Amour with me

       Hey! As you may have noticed I like nature, it's fantastic to share some moments..                                                                          Crushing with myself in my sweet home, morning tea in a top-notch cup ,relaxing on vintage rocking chair in my archetypal decor home.                                                                                         

Hazy morning is just pie in the sky itself declaring about changes in nature tic toc tic toc......

Shangri-la  of Autumn already carelessly whispering about winter  to be set to be here which means that days are gonna get shorter and night to be longer and cool. *Zzz*

Hmmmm .... point to be noted :)

 It's ALSO means starting of festivals.So I use my solitude on the collection of new ethnic dresses and winter clothes.It is not easy when you know what you want and adjust it through selection ,shortlisted and balancing with budget.It may seem to be easy but during this process many much more things to be cleared.


Probability of marketing is still in my kitty.

A cute idea to use my solitude with myself watching the beautiful peacock on my terrace.

Have a hermit and a peaceful  day.