Wednesday, 8 February 2017



Some powers are complete, comprehensive and colossal

Where we always fin red ourselves helpless
Yes.. It's  'coincidence'

Star, time and Zodiac sign.
Unlimited and unseen forces present in the universe
Combined and plays  new twist, turn

Here ..a situation
Besides desire we are helpless

For the wishes of shooting star.
I crossed the roof
Tried to collect some half-hearted and scattered moments.
Lot's of condition change occurred from connections to disconnections
Remains are empty hands...

Yes ..It's' Thorn'

Strange feeling of contention
absorbed within me...
Did to hear more than something or did to know or try to know more than usually...


See... here once again
coincidence and time have revealed
Leaves behind footsteps of its importance
All familiar faces suddenly become strangers...
Am aware of the fact that ...

Some power is complete, comprehensive....