Monday, 27 June 2016

 Translation of  Hindi  poem ' bus ek chup si lagi hai...'

Only quietude is prevailing...

what I had got was admirable

what I have is ample,

some unknown pain has left

 a mark forever on a period of time

now silence become affinity

self-willed raise in my conscious

I'm not going to complain about diminish, dis-parting...

only quietude is prevailing...
                                                            © pammi

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Wow! Friends
Again I am here after short break… busy on scripting and colligate of Hindi poem
 title Kavyakanshi.
(Listening to music in my room and flipping the pages of a book.92.7 Big FM..RJ..voice Baja tey – Tu jasey Naraz Nahi  Zindagi Hairan hu….)My eyes glued on word relation before pen down on this term I am going to rejuvenate than settled on the couch.
My cute daughter suddenly grabbed my shoulders from behind and eager to present memorabilia from school but a telephonic ring from her friend brings pause on her verse. My mind still on word relation.Yes.. 
I am talking about this tiny word relation , a single word with whole meaning. In our life, many things happen  but this is a simple and sweet word with complex nature leaves the indelible  mark that the year cannot erase it.Sometimes we pride ourselves and are happy about it.Somethings bring shame, disgrace and sorrow for us but we can't ignore it.Whatever we experience we glance from it. Things do not always happen between two people.'Conditions apply' word also play.
A  tug  of  war  between  hope  and  return  always there. For some   relation ..On the one hand, used to  cry at  night and force to bring curved lips on the other side.We needed attention on plenty of things to maintain relation.
 Love, care, faith, affection was the prime essence of relations. Strong impacton the question of  what, where, how and it remains after death.The big question always is ..why every time I have to prove myself.Life may not offer the same chance.(Zindagi Na Milegi doobara….) life is 10% about what happens to us and 90% about how we communicate to it)
Before you guys considere me bore I am going to finish my word …Hearing footsteps of my daughter Ready for her chatter patter….

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

oh! my life...

Oh! My Life

Keep surprising

I’m aware of your chastity spirited

But I know how to

Garner my beam alive

 Now your game

 became my resolute.

even after all this time

you still amaze me...

Fling off yours

Ready for hasp...

                          .©..pammi singh

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Some stolen space

Some stolen space

   We’re all energized by something. Me too, tomorrow as I stepped out of the court yard I met with my immediate neighbors who is on winter of age. I got an opportunity to talk to the couple who are full of life and satisfied. During chitchat am familiar with silver meaning word ‘stolen space’.
Really, such thought has never crossed my mind.
    So please reader ... come with me and have a glance on my few words.
Life is too short to cry over what is lost and what is found. Always try to see clouds in the bright sky and the stars twinkle at night in the mid of ugliness that penetrated into our world. Rip off moment, stolen moment, or stolen space may sound some negative but do you know everyone needs some stolen space. One of the interesting aspects of our life must be to hijacked some time for our self. Sometimes it’s hard to face things because we have no control over somethings and that moment is always a surprise. Don’t believe in not applicable message. I mean, don't buy it but steal it from your busy schedule.
Is this a crazy hormone?
Shh.. No
Umm.. lovely,  lovable maturity.
  Wings of imagination, hope of success and soon in the expectation quietly stolen our precious moments. Life is for live and life. All form of art is available so grab those moments and create the best memories. Seriously, it’s to provide rejuvenate or become inspiration for another work. It helps to open a new door and challenge.
  Hey! Don’t try to excuse yourself with the tiny word ‘busy’. To see the sunshine we have to raise our head. I know it has become a rare skill but gives us instant strength. Don’t mingle this term to holiday. It is an act in which our conscious decides to whom, to why, and to where spend. Sometime it may be yourself, friend, relation pets......
  A form of the art of healing. Here connection with the divine energy that resides in our body and boost the essence of life with the help of self esteem, the result will be amazing like our stress level falls, peace prevails.
Now.. All of you,
Still waiting for the appropriate time?
No, not a big deal.
  Time never ever invited you. Let’s go and steal some space from the tight schedule before it robs every moment without hearing foot ..  like a subtle thief.
(to old couple) Thanks :)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Here I am...

So, friends here I am..
Now VALENTEINOMIA  is over..
Hmm.. is not one of those things that I go out of way to celebrate.
Oh! seven days full of melodrama.
ANY clues? How could it be possible to live in romanticism mode for seven days.
Teddy day,chocolate day etc.. 
One of the looooongest  red-letter day.
May be  if happiness and love came with a gift.
Yes, I'm facing the so called wrong side of forty.Valentine day starts just as vaguely 
and quietly as ever.
Nothing new:) 
To hear the sweet notes with the melody of "I  just called to say I love you"
 Haha.... Any need to go through such histrionic art. All newspaper,T.V, malls,
restaurants are full of the posters of heart shaped and in pink colors.
Of course heart shapes are fascinating and it forces us to believe in a specific
type of energy.
Everyday I listen to my heart :-/
A feast where you have to perform your own way and ability to express yourself better.
Everyday is special for someone who is in love and all the love stories are 
super duper unique in itself.
Hold , hold.. friends let's come back to the point.
Only holy matrimony  is the  endorse for love in India.  Even eating chocolate
 on chocolate day seems to be little crime or :<* all members glared at me like I'd 
committed a basal sin.
With a little note of sympathizing.
How harsh life and idea of these like a fictional line in the water has little
 meaning or inspiration.
Especially for CERTAIN type WHO coming from certain social class 
and tradition.A unique combination of traditional+modern+social norms +stereotypes.
So here I can easily foresee my life in comfortable zone by taking care of 
rather than hurting, that is my (unconditional)
Let's still believe in affinity, amity and ideology. All of you remember your
 mesmerizing moments.
Now byeee, take care  
(Even chatterer shuts mouth when her wisdom is on another job.:))))