Thursday, 3 March 2016

Some stolen space

Some stolen space

   We’re all energized by something. Me too, tomorrow as I stepped out of the court yard I met with my immediate neighbors who is on winter of age. I got an opportunity to talk to the couple who are full of life and satisfied. During chitchat am familiar with silver meaning word ‘stolen space’.
Really, such thought has never crossed my mind.
    So please reader ... come with me and have a glance on my few words.
Life is too short to cry over what is lost and what is found. Always try to see clouds in the bright sky and the stars twinkle at night in the mid of ugliness that penetrated into our world. Rip off moment, stolen moment, or stolen space may sound some negative but do you know everyone needs some stolen space. One of the interesting aspects of our life must be to hijacked some time for our self. Sometimes it’s hard to face things because we have no control over somethings and that moment is always a surprise. Don’t believe in not applicable message. I mean, don't buy it but steal it from your busy schedule.
Is this a crazy hormone?
Shh.. No
Umm.. lovely,  lovable maturity.
  Wings of imagination, hope of success and soon in the expectation quietly stolen our precious moments. Life is for live and life. All form of art is available so grab those moments and create the best memories. Seriously, it’s to provide rejuvenate or become inspiration for another work. It helps to open a new door and challenge.
  Hey! Don’t try to excuse yourself with the tiny word ‘busy’. To see the sunshine we have to raise our head. I know it has become a rare skill but gives us instant strength. Don’t mingle this term to holiday. It is an act in which our conscious decides to whom, to why, and to where spend. Sometime it may be yourself, friend, relation pets......
  A form of the art of healing. Here connection with the divine energy that resides in our body and boost the essence of life with the help of self esteem, the result will be amazing like our stress level falls, peace prevails.
Now.. All of you,
Still waiting for the appropriate time?
No, not a big deal.
  Time never ever invited you. Let’s go and steal some space from the tight schedule before it robs every moment without hearing foot ..  like a subtle thief.
(to old couple) Thanks :)


  1. Very nice and interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice and interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.

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