Monday, 16 November 2015

Life after 40+

Life after 40+

 Hello.... friends
here I'm going to present my speculation towards life , hope all of you enjoy while going through it
and wants to follow some of view .                                                                                             Ahhhhhhh.... reason is simple to make 
 Life is beautiful and all hope for good and best will come.......
 Life may be described as a strings of anticipated and  sometimes inevitable changes.We      can't defy.  It's not easy to lead  own's life smoothly . ALMOST four decades had passed    when we accustomed  with our circumspect
 Some juncture changed our liveliness . Inadvertently meeting with our better half and inseparable
besides ups and down.
I need to tell the real life started after 40+ . Don't ignore it . Some grey hair and tough            skin ready for own's WAR and PYAR. Your TREASURED time started with corpse            pose         ( Shavasana )
 This posture brings a deep breath and focus on peace of mind.Free from nagging wife ,              
 demanding  aggressive husband and sportive children. Do believe in Yoga as tumsey hi din  hota hai surmayii shaam aati hai tumsey hi.... don't wait for jab koi baat bigad jaey jab koi   mushkil pad jaaey..
Being eight to ten kg heavier enjoy your work without any kind of prior grudge, changes    from outside and wherabout us should be deprecate, free from 20+ phobia, pimples, acne, looks, what to wear? 
Do's and Don't"

Like a juggler we already played with many balls now get detail on two or three .
Escaped from chimera and accessible for pragmatic approach towards life.Pin point on   what's right in your's world instead of what's wrong .Where we are going and where  we    may go.... yet do believe that best will be obtainable .Wealth and commodity may be                                 ace server but not to be foremost. Poise your life  , balance life  involve ensuring health ,relationship ,mental peace and money.All should be proper order.( a sudden breeze            blowing from small window is more refreshing  than wind blowing from a big doorway)
The accomplished fact is to live with essence and leave materialistic lifestyle as doormat         and try to live with demeanor of personal interaction, recreation and sentiments.try to         cope with your's solitude
it's help to cultivate inner source.These hermit stimulate your's with revitalizing force.
Need to cherish these moment as treasure.Faith in someone somewhere will be happy to             know that you are happy. Probability  of cheeriness is still in your kitty.
This is what I wish ....
What do you think?
Always thankful..!!  


  1. Very nice post here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice post here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yet another newbie here. Your post is interesting. I suggest you not to add background color to your post font. It appears little unprofessional. Thanks. Keep blogging

  4. Oh! definitely..
    I'll keep that in mind
    Thank you for comments

  5. Very thought provoking and wonderful post...

  6. Feeling gratitude
    Thank you for the comment

  7. Thank you for taking the time to read

  8. Thoughtful and useful post with deep expression. Congratulations!

  9. Beautiful piece of advice!
    Before forty, it was to act and anticipate.
    And now it is to wait and precipitate.
    Subtract the 'naughty' and 'haughty' from forty,
    The elixir will turn the life into the blissful 'bounty'.
    All the best for your future compositions!