Saturday, 12 September 2015



Hi everyone,
        Lots of words in my heart, few words in mind with a pen in my hand. I am not an interesting person and had sweet and adventurous encounters. Here I'm going to share some incident ....
have patience  
   Last few year's experiences  have changed my view and inertia to live in the present and independent from prior and  future. I think this is a kind of meditation too.

   We are always busy in our wings of imagination, fancy dreams and hopes of success, Swoon in the expectation of total loss or total profit.
   Wait..Wait.. too  much philosophy.
    Let's talk about some sweet experiences because everything happens for a reason.

DING...DONG...DING (someone outside my door)
 "Hello mam! This is for you." A red box.  Like a child I too became curious to know about the gift and the sender's name. 
"Oh Gosh!"Small box of sweets with Rizwana's name on the box. This name sent me 20 years in the past when I helped her with some money and food. She was able to build her own house from the savings of the household work she used to do at the village.
    Even after all these years she didn't forget me. 

Again role of tears started.

   It's true many secrets preponderate in these tiny drops of water. Everybody needs somebody to read words and to feel the feeling of the tears. Though abrogating emotions are in the form of tears but my tears are of happiness.It helps to be balanced in any perspective.
Like a little sparrow I became light and ready for cocktail hour.....
( role change)
Now i have to ready for another job Street lights are popping out with an orange blue and white chroma.
i wanted time to stay but i didn't 
hmmmm... some commas may possible but not full stop.
Thanks for the endurance... good night 
Always be positive