Friday, 18 December 2015

Be all ears

                                   Be all ears

Hearkening, be all ears, listening...
Have you ever pointed on these words ?
It's sound and meaning are simple but rarely found among us.
Hearkening is an art in which our conscious allow us
(a) Why should I listen ? and to
( b) whom should I listen ?  
To accepts others word beyond harming itself is a form of unique quality.
Um..... I know it's difficult to find right people that they want or deserved.
Now it's becoming to forfeit skill.
OH YES,. we do listen to other people to fire  back  the answer or reply as expertise .
Share with or under standing of and  others words in bellies  are rare quality.
This painless and speechless  quality plays a vital role for both parties. result
will be amazing and help to enhance the  inner sense of satisfaction .
Do you think it's absurd  idea ?
No..Dear it's form of spirituality reinforce qualities which make us  centered  and
 gives a broad vision.
In mid set of discourse,  unintentionally Tripa name popped up and  I have not
 reminisce her from the past twenty years.Studied in same classes our
 acquaintance had gradually deepened into friendship .
Her 24 karat  bridled with her parents being only a few minutes
of lending ears to her begetter  and they alter to the full of energy.
CUTE  idea ( bondage) is developed between both parties.
Result - marvelous
Impression - heal both feeling
Feeling-someone cares for me
A person who has an ability to listening is easily friendly and become a special 
member.It doesn't mean to take  others  burden on own heads.
I know it is a demanding  accomplishment to hear and be heard  beyond
exhibit reaction devour  to be lots of endurance.
THIS deed  enjoins  patience and attention. Knowledge always speaks but
 wisdom listens.Listener doesn't relate to just bear on  and conclave  as brevet
.It's invisible form of  articulation .
We should dwell upon that listening is composition of three A words
 (a) Analysis
(b) Attention
(c) Alertness
Hope you found this topic helpful and informative peeps..;)
Thanks for  viewing and support.
Have a  nice day!


  1. Listening and speaking are really an art..excellent write-up...

  2. Thanks for taking time for reading and encouraging encouraging, sir.